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It is a FDA Approved portable Monitoring device that Measures Blood Oxygen, Saturation and Pulse Rate.
-One fingertip Pulse Oximeter
-One storage pouch
-One lanyard
-2 AAA batteries
-User manual
About the Pulse Oximeter:

Whether you're an athlete on the go, or a pilot in the air, the Oximeter is perfect for anyone interested in monitoring their blood oxygen level and pulse rate. Help prevent high altitude sickness ("hypoxia") while you're in the air, climbing, or hiking. The Oximeter lets you spot check everywhere you go. That's why the Oximeter is the most cost effective way to have your oxygen saturation and heart rate monitored. Plus, its small size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or around your neck with the included lanyard. The Oximeter is not a medical device and is not labeled for such use. No prescription is required from physician.

This finger pulse oximeter was approved by the FDA and Medical CE certified, is designed to provide an economical and accurate way to measure oxygen saturation levels in the blood and pulse rate. This oximeter helps physicians, nurses, patients, athletes, and pilots to obtain accurate oxygen saturation readings in a fast. Its small size makes it very easy to transport, includes a soft case for protection (available optional hard shell case for better protection). Its simple operation allows for easy on-off action with a single button).
Your health and satisfaction are very important to us. Please click here to learn how we handle quality control to meet your expectations.
Please note that your doctor or healthcare provider is the best source for your Treatment Plan. This unit is not intended or planned for you to replace a doctor's visit or for your own self-diagnosis.

This Pulse Oximeter is a compact, light weighted device, designed for on the go spot checking of vital signs (blood O2 saturation & pulse rate), in a simple non-invasive procedure.

Simple to USE:
By simply clipping the device to the finger, users can receive a SpO2 and pulse reading, within seconds. The Pulse Oximeter answers a wide range of needs and serves various roles in the medical and recreational fields.

Dependable oxygen level and pulse rate measurements for your daily needs Simple operation; Small and lightweight design; Portable Display shows oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Low power consumption on two AAA batteries.

~~~ Available color: Black, Blue and Pink. Please advise your desired product color during checkout page. If you do not specify your color selection in the checkout page, we will send our choice to you accordingly. ~~~

Major Features

– Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module
– Small in volume〠light in weight and convenient in carrying
– Operation of the product is simple ,low power consumption
– SpO2 value display
– Pulse rate value display, bar graph display
– Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage
– Automatically power off function: when the device is under the state of measuring interface . it will automatically power off within 5 seconds if the finger falls out of probe
– Various color of cover can be selected
– Power Consumption: less than 25 mA
– Voltage: DC 3.0V
– Safety Type: Interior Battery, BF Type
Main performance

Display Mode:
Large LED display
Measurement range: 0-100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 70-100% ±2%;
Below 70% unspecified.
PR Measuring Range: 30bpm-250bpm
Resolution is 1bpm
Accuracy: 30-100BPM ±2; 101-235BPM ±2%(select larger)
Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition
SpO2 and pulse rate can be shown correctly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%. SpO2 error is ±4%, pulse rate error is ±2 bpm or ±2% (select larger).
Low battery indicator.
Resistance to Surrounding Light:
The deviation between the value measured in the condition of man-made light or indoor natural light and that of darkroom is less than ±1%.

Type: 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Working Hour: The minimum continually work time is 24 hours, theoretical number is 56 hours.
Operating Temperature: 5C-40C
Storage temperature:-40C - 60C
Operating humidity: 15% RH-80% RH
Conservation humidity: 10% RH-95% RH
Size: 57 x 31 x 34mm
Weight: 1.8oz (50g)
Type: Bright Red LED
Parameters: SPO2, PR, 6-step bargraph

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