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Home>Sealed Lead Acid Battery>Sunnyway>u409
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
Part NumberUP_D5745_UB12180_7571
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
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Seasons Savings Special! Online Only:

New, Available In stock
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180
This is replacement brand new item

Cemistry:Sealed Lead Acid

Item weight:12.65
Power in Amps per Hour:18

Dimensions:LengthX 7.13 WidthX 3 Height 6.59

Home>Sealed Lead Acid Battery>Sunnyway>u409
Battery for Sunnyway SW12180

We focus on supply premium quality & low price replacement products. All laptop batteries are brand new in box, never used, highest quality premium cells .

Q: Laptop Battery: This battery capacity is not same as original battery capacity i.e 4800mah, 5200mah, 8800mah etc
A:"Milliamps Hour (mah)" and "number of cells" is the strength or capacity of Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last, means more discharge time. Batteries with different mAh ratings are interchangeable. Battery capacity can be different ie 4400mah, 4800mah, 5200mab, 6600mah or similar like this. It will still work in your computer without any problem. Higher capacity works for longer time(run time/discharge time)
Only some of 8800mah or 9600mah are bigger in size and sticks out of battery slot but they will still work in your computer. But It is better for Laptop as it create good air circulation and does not cause CPU to become hot and freeze.

Q: Why Buy From Us?
We sell freshly produced and brand new batteries, chargers & merchandise. We don't keep it on shelf because of our high-volume sales.
We are able to sell good quality rich power products at low prices because we buy direct from Manufacturers & Distributors in bulk quantity.
We never go after quick, one-time profit. Our motto is excellent products and customer service which is our permanent promise to you. Please check our customer feedbacks. We have 30 days replacement warranty. It is very easy for you to return or exchange the product.
We have Quick same day Shipping*
+Trusted Company
+Easy Return Policy
+Guaranteed Lowest Price
+No Risk Shopping
+Secure Online Ordering
+All Model and Part Numbers available
+Best Customer Service
+Highest Quality Products
+Lowest Price
+Package includes brand new and in unused condition
+Charge and check before use. Also charge and discharge at least once a month.
+High Capacity item may gets a little hot while in use, therefore place your laptop in a well ventilated place and to keep it cool. +All our Products are replacement products and are assembled and manufactured by high-capacity power products and built-in rechargeable battery protection circuit. +Most of our items are shipped from our warehouse in California
+Our Product comes with money back guarantee.
+All Information about this product are subject to change without prior notice. All designated brands , trademarks, and model names are property of their respective owners
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Battery for Sunnyway SWE12180
Battery for Sunnyway SWE12180
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